Trials / litigation: Criminal / civil / family

Civil law

Civil law is the branch of law that governs private relationships between people, some of which generate conflicts. Legal Boutique Ibiza has more than 12 years of experience in civil litigation of all kinds.

Criminal Law

Within the law, one of the legal areas with the greatest responsibility on the part of the lawyer is criminal law, as they are accompanied by very delicate personal situations. Having an experienced lawyer for your defence is essential when you are accused of a crime, misdemeanour or any accusation that may have serious repercussions.

(Threats) Offences against liberty

Unlawful arrest, threats or coercion.

(Theft) Offences against property

Theft, robbery, theft, misappropriation, forgery, fraud.

Public health offences

Substance (drug) trafficking.

Offences against persons

Gender violence, child abduction, injuries, homicides, murders.

Property crime

Breaking and entering, illegal occupation, express eviction.

Offences against sexual freedom

Harassment, sexual abuse, sexual assault.


Traffic accidents, drink-driving, speeding, failure to render assistance.