Trials / litigation: Civil Law

Civil law

Civil Law is the branch of Law that governs private relationships between people, some of which generate conflicts. Legal Boutique Ibiza has more than 12 years of experience in civil litigation of all kinds.

Traffic Accidents

When there is a traffic accident, there is material damage (damage to the vehicle) and personal injury (injuries to the victim).

In Legal-Boutique Ibiza, our lawyers and legal advisors, have extensive experience in carrying out extrajudicial and / or judicial claims to insurance companies for traffic accidents.

Evictions / express evictions

We find ourselves in the case that the tenant does not pay the rent or that the tenant has already finished the rental contract and does not want to vacate the property. We can also find the case in which the landlord wants to evict the tenant without cause, or raise the rent without justification.

Our lawyers in Ibiza are specialists in evictions to defend the landlord or the tenant in their claim for rent or non-payment of rent, as in any problem that exists on the lease of the property.

Obligations and contracts

At Legal-Boutique Ibiza we will advise you on the different types of contracts you need. From a contract of sale of movable property (car, machinery...), private loans, donation, rental... We advise you on compliance and on the best way to be supported in your contractual relationship with other people.

It is better to take precautions, and to have a lawyer specialised in contracts to advise you before signing anything.

Quantity claims

From Legal-Boutique Ibiza, we will carry out the claims of amount of those who do not want to pay the obligations they have contracted. Our lawyers in Ibiza, specialists in claims of quantity, will carry out your process out of court and / or judicial.