Why Legal Boutique?

A boutique law firm is defined as a small firm in the legal sector, in which the founders specialize in one area of law; and because of this specialization, the firm has few employees.

At Boutique Legal we advocate specialization in certain branches of law. We do not pretend to be a macro law firm.

In the legal world it is usual to hear about large law firms or law firms, for the practice of law and it is where most users turn to when seeking legal advice. Small firms that are more specialized and are known as legal boutiques are a new modality that has taken force in recent years.

Thanks to all its advantages legal boutiques are here to stay, its model aims at a more selective and specialized type of client, and these small firms meet all the conditions to provide this type of service.
This type of law firms has gained strength in recent years, as opposed to large firms.

Teresa Toscano​

Civil Law / Criminal Law

Jesús Riviera

Real estate law / Foreigners

Claudia Huber

Real estate law / Foreigners