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When to Hire a Lawyer for a Traffic Accident?

No one is prepared for a car accident and the impact it can have on your life in terms of damages, expense and inconvenience. It also raises the question of whether an attorney is necessary. After a car accident remember that if you have suffered expenses or injuries you may be entitled to compensation.

How a lawyer can increase your compensation

If you have been injured or suffered property damage in a car accident, you may have significant expenses. Car accident victims who have legal representation receive higher settlement amounts than those who are unrepresented. An attorney can help you negotiate with the insurance company and reach settlements faster.


The losses that can result from a car accident are not always clear in the days and weeks immediately following the accident. An experienced personal injury attorney can help the victim better estimate their potential future expenses, and include them in their claim.


Sometimes injuries, such as whiplash, can develop into lingering injuries that require ongoing medical expense. Victims often underestimate their expenses and the duration of those expenses, resulting in inadequate settlements that do not cover the costs after an accident.

A legal error can affect your settlement

Most traffic accident claims are settled out of court. This can result in lost claims and lower compensation. If you do not have a strong legal claim you will be in a weaker position against the insurance company. Knowing the law is key to a successful claim.


Aside from proving who is at fault in a car accident and the extent of damage or injury, there are other legal issues that will affect your case and compensation. A claim can be lost if it is not filed within the deadline.

Talk to a lawyer for information

Any good lawyer like those at Legal-Boutique will offer you a free initial consultation, either by phone or in person, to discuss your case. They will listen to your story and advise you on what you can benefit from.


It is an opportunity for you to find out if you need an attorney after your car accident, how your case will be handled, and if that attorney is right for you.

You face the insurance company, not the at-fault driver

When you file a claim in a car accident case, you face the insurance company. Some people who have been involved in an accident are concerned about causing expenses to the other driver, even though they caused the accident.


Insurance companies have enormous resources and lawyers aimed at reducing the money you will be paid for your car accident claim. An experienced attorney knows the strategies insurance companies use to reduce the awards paid to car accident victims

Timing is important in a car accident case

After you have been in a car accident it can take time to recover and deal with the necessary phone calls and paperwork. Insurance companies involved in a car accident will be working to reduce their liability on any claim.


An experienced car accident attorney knows the process and tactics of the insurance companies. It is always advisable to speak with an attorney before speaking with the insurance company, and it is a good idea, especially in the case of physical injuries, to have your attorney make the initial calls to the insurance companies about the car accident on your behalf.


Depending on the circumstances of the accident and the injury. Once the deadline has passed, the right to file a claim as a result of the accident is lost, so it is crucial that you get good legal advice as soon as possible.