What cases does a criminal lawyer see?

Within the legal profession, there are professionals in each area. In the case of the criminal lawyer, this is the professional who advises and defends clients who are involved in criminal proceedings. Below we analyse the cases that a criminal lawyer in Ibiza can deal with.

The cases that a criminal lawyer sees

The functions of criminal lawyers are determined by the type of crime to be dealt with according to the case, which are classified following the same system as the Penal Code, based on the nature of the criminal acts.


Below is an overview of the main cases defended by a criminal lawyer in Ibiza.

Crimes against life and persons

One of the main cases that a criminal lawyer sees involves a series of crimes against life and persons. That is, murder, manslaughter, injury or human trafficking.

Crimes against liberty

He will defend people who have suffered coercion, harassment, threats, kidnapping or even some form of illegal detention. In all these cases, the services of a lawyer specialising in criminal law are required.

Crimes against honour

Another of the cases that may lead you to hire their services is when a crime is committed against a person’s honour, such as slander and libel.

Crimes against property

Crimes against property include a series of crimes such as robbery with violence or force, theft, fraud, misappropriation, unfair administration, extortion, receiving, corporate crimes or crimes against intellectual and industrial property.

Offences against the inviolability of the home

In the case of the inviolability of the home, this includes breaking and entering.

Economic offences

Economic crimes are similar to crimes against property. This includes fraud, money laundering, punishable insolvency or fraud.

Offences against the administration

In this specific case, offences that are directed against a public sector entity are covered. Among the most frequent cases are the offences of prevarication, embezzlement, bribery, influence peddling, simulation of offences, false denunciation or abuse of authority.

Offences against collective security

This area covers offences against road safety, such as in cases of drink-driving, refusal to take alcohol tests, reckless driving or speeding. Other cases are also covered, such as havoc, arson or offences against public health.

Offences against public order

In this case, we find the crime of sedition, the crime of disobedience, the crime of glorifying terrorism or the crime of possession of weapons.

Offences against the Public Treasury or Social Security

This includes tax offences against the Treasury or Social Security. In other words, when a person or company does not meet their fiscal or tax obligations and is denounced.

Labour offences or offences against workers' rights

Companies may commit some kind of abuse against workers. In all these cases, the services of a criminal lawyer may be required to look after your interests.

Sexual offences

Criminal lawyers also help people who are victims of sexual offences. That is, sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment or sexual abuse. The case of indecent exposure is also covered.

Crimes against privacy

In the case of offences against privacy, the disclosure of secrets is covered.

Crimes against moral or personal integrity

In this area there are specific cases such as the crime of gender violence or the crime of domestic violence.

Computer crimes

With the rise of the Internet and new technologies, computer crimes can occur and wreak havoc on individuals and businesses. A criminal lawyer can also help you with this problem.

Crimes against humanity and against the international community

The criminal lawyer also deals with these situations, as well as the defence of citizens abroad, extraditions and the execution of extradition orders.

What to bear in mind when hiring a criminal lawyer Ibiza

We are aware that hiring a lawyer can be a complex process. It is normal that you may have doubts or questions about the best professional to handle your case. Therefore, it is essential that you choose a lawyer who specialises in criminal law, specifically in your case.


Proximity is another fundamental aspect. A criminal lawyer will be at your disposal whenever you need him or her, so that you do not have to worry about anything and know that you will be in the best hands at all times.

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