Differences between a law firm and a legal boutique

In recent years a new and different way of offering legal services to what we know as a law firm has been introduced. They are set up with the intention of offering a more personalised service than law firms, we are not saying that one organisation is better than the other, but that they have different ways of operating. If you have heard the term boutique law firm and didn’t know what it is or never heard of it, don’t worry, in this article we will look at the differences between the two forms of providing legal services and you may end up being convinced by one more than the other.


Law firm

Law firms are working spaces and systems, in which a number of legal professionals work together. They concentrate lawyers who are employed on a permanent basis and offer their services for an estimated salary according to their experience.

They are focused on different branches of law such as:


Criminal law.
Civil law.
Bankruptcy law.
Administrative law.
Among others.


This type of firm benefits from the collaboration of lawyers from different fields, offering multiple solutions for the cases that come to them. As an institution prepared to handle a considerable number of cases, it requires a structured organisation of responsibilities.


At the lowest rung of the pyramid are the “junior” lawyers, those who have a little less experience and assist in the work of the lawyers who have the title of associates or senior associates. This type of lawyer is a specialist in a branch of law and can participate in the profits if so deemed, but they do not have political power in the firm’s decisions. And as the spearhead of the institutional organisation, there are the partners, they are lawyers who own the firm, and as owners they are entitled to profits and to contribute to the decision-making process.


Legal Boutique

Legal boutiques are firms that provide legal advice and representation services. They are formed by a simpler structure that avoids subordinate positions, in legal boutiques, lawyers are specialists in a particular area without any kind of subordination, the relationship is one of client to professional.


As the years go by, this type of modality when it comes to providing legal services to people is gaining more and more followers. What the client is looking for is professionalism and a closer treatment, these are characteristics that the boutique has to offer the client. On the other hand, the fees charged are affordable and not as inflated as those charged by law firms, as they have to maintain a larger business structure.


Table of differences between law firms and boutique law firms

Many people have doubts about the difference between a law firm and a boutique law firm, below we share with you a table describing the most important differences.



Law firm

Legal Boutique 


They offer a less direct treatment with the client, this is due to the structuring of the work that passes from one department to another.

They offer a direct personal relationship between client and lawyer.


They have a multi-skilled team of professionals with the capacity to handle a heavy workload. They are experts in a wide variety of branches of law, which facilitates collaboration and communication between departments for a particular case.

This type of firm offers the service of lawyers who are specialists in a particular field, not so comprehensive. But they are professionals with extensive experience in their field, focused on offering you the best.


The price of law firms tends to be a little higher in terms of fees, because they need to maintain the whole structure of lawyers working together.

In this case, the fees are slightly lower, as it is a smaller organisation.


Ibiza Legal Boutique legal experts

From our legal boutique we hope you have found this article helpful, it should be said that neither option is better than the other you simply have to evaluate your own case and decide which of the two systems can help you more to solve your problem.


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